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Russia is aiming to be the first and the most innovative in business and in entertainment as well.

Hotels with swimming pool on the roofs, good-natured people, top brands boutiques, excellent museums, best restaurants, zoos, water parks, aquariums, greenhouses, parks, swimming pools, plenty of attractions for children – there is everything to make you happy. .
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The long-term development program of Russian Railways is finally approved
From 2019 to 2025, 8.66 trillion rubles will be invested in Russian railway projects from which 4.67 trillion rubles will be invested from the funds of the Russian Railways. This is suggested by a baseline scenario for the Long-Term
Russian airport first received the highest mark for service
International airport Platov which is located in Rostov-on-Don received 5-star rating from the British agency Skytrax. The Russian airport has been awarded such a high rating for the first time since its existence from 1989.
Russia will continue developing its great tourism potential
The new head of Rostourism, Zarina Doguzova, highlighted that as the Russian economy is improving, its tourism potential is exponentially increasing as well.
Russia is going to make the economy breakthrough
Les Echos, the French business newspaper, informed that Russia expects the first breakthrough in the balance of trade in the last eight years. The publication drew attention to the fact that the positive balance of trade that
Rates of importing duty-free goods for personal use into Russia will significantly drop from January 1, 2019
The Federal Customs Service of Russia recalls that the rates of importing duty-free goods for personal use into Russia will significantly drop from January 1, 2019. According to the information posted on the website of the Federal
City environment in Russia: the small Almetyevsk is on the top
City environment in Russia still repeats the mistakes of the entire world of the last century, but the outflow of people from the regions has already achieved a crucial scale – good specialists are escaping from the expansion of
Japanese ballet dancers share impressions about Moscow
"Afisha Daily" likes to speak with foreigners who live and work in Moscow. This time we spoke to Japanese dancers - MGAH graduates, who came here to conquer the ballet scene and unexpectedly got Russified.
Indonesian Puspita Atirennu shares her impressions about endless museums, stereotypes about Muslims and dislike for frozen vegetables
  Indonesian Puspita Atirennu received her bachelors in Russian literature in her native Jakarta five years ago. During her studies, she had been imagining St. Petersburg as it was described by the classics of the 19th century.
The outcomes of the World Cup for Russia
  A fan of the World Cup in Russia has become one of the most expensive fans since the games on the football stadiums of Japan and South Korea in 2002. However, the investments have been justified - visitors were impressed
Russia together with EAEU countries will launch a supranational cryptocurrency - cryptoaltyn
  Russia together with other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU - Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) intends to launch its own cryptocurrency in the territory of the entire economic association by