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How to open business in russia

Customs duties
In August 2012, Russia became a full member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). From that point onwards, Russia must follow WTO rules as well as the terms and conditions of accession as agreed during negotiations.
Russian employment law applies to all employment relationships in Russia, including those involving Russian nationals, foreign nationals, stateless persons, international organisations, and Russian and foreign legal entities.
Future of the Russian O&G industry
Russia is going to spend up to USD 400 bln to explore and produce offshore O&G in the Arctic over the next 20-25 years
Work visas and work permits
Before a foreign national can work in Russia as an employee, both a work visa (except "visa-free” nationals) and a work permit must be obtained.
Entering the Russian marketplace: opportunities for Asian countries
Russia pays heed to maintain diverse economic ties with the world, instead of focusing only on its neighbouring European markets.
How to set up a business.
Russian legislation grants the same rights on the issues of business activities realization to foreigners as to the Russian citizens. That is why a foreigner who stays in the country legally can start a business from scratch or just
How to set up your own business - detailed plan
The question of setting up your own business is of concern of many people who want to have a financial self-sufficiency. To set up your own business is a challenge but it becomes easier if you have a detailed plan of actions...
Ways of presentation of bookkeeping and tax accounts
The presentation in electronic form Via an operator of electronic document flow.
Ways of presentation of bookkeeping and tax accounts
Ways of presentation of bookkeeping and tax accounts
The structure of bookkeeping accounts
Since January 1, 2013 all the companies including those which use the Simplified Taxation System must maintain accounting records and present bookkeeping accounts to the tax department and regional statistical authority.